Whats the point of using Zend?


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Firstly, it was very smart decision to use the Zend Framework, even though only selected elements are being used, I see how it probably increased productivity and allowed you guys to release xenForo much quickly! but whats with removing more and more Zend elements as you guys progress? there might be elements you guys won't use but addon developers might. (assuming things go out with the final version)

You guys shouldnt have used Zend if the plan is/was to remove it completely. Unless there are Major performance issues I don't quite see why you'd want to remove more elements, some of which are excellent to work with.

http://xenforo.com/community/threads/devs-will-the-zend-framework-stay-in-the-xenforo-build.3003/ plus other threads.

Its just a thought but its up to you guys!