What's The Best Mac Forum?

Adam Howard

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I would suggest you also search for a hackintosh forum. hackintosh is a term used for people who install Mac OS onto Intel and AMD PC's. And while that may sound odd considering you'll actually be owning an Apple Computer.... You'll learn more about the inner coding of the code and kernel on those forums, than you would on normal Mac Forums. ;)

steven s

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I am looking to join a mac forum since I am getting a macbook next week. If any of you know of any good mac forums lemme know!
Never had a need for a Mac forum. :)
There are so many, I still rely on goggle for help.


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I used to frequent a lot of mac sites, but then the computers got too easy to use.....hardly even need any help any longer....

In terms of news and updates, I always liked Macsurfer.
Dealmac has good deals and a decent forum.

Apple has their own forums for support - but they are user to user, so are informal.


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Mentions of Xenforo on MacRumors Forum

Forum Redesign?
Comeagain said:
We are on vBulletin.

If we must change, let's go to Xenforo.

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Floris said:
Gee, that XenForo forum software sure does look sexy.
rmwebs said:
Yup! Glad to see you here Floris, thought I was the only XF'er here.

XF is the forum software that MacRumors should be using...hint hint! Any self respecting forum owner should use it IMO.

What do you think of my website?
Nick16 said:
-Problem #1: Using SMF. It's not very robust and has a very "ancient" feel to it. Although nowhere near as horrendous as phpBB, it's not as good as say, MyBB in my personal opinion. Obviously if you wanted to go big you'd use IP.Board or XenForo (which is quite refreshing, actually). Normally I'd recommend vBulletin but IB has run it to crap in the past few years.
Comeagain? said:
XenForo is amazing in my opinion. And not too expensive. I know one forum that is getting ready right now to move to XenForo from vBulletin 4.x.
Nick16 said:
XenForo is amazing. Kier and Mike have done a magnificent job. I would've switched one of my forums had I not sold it; and I'm still considering converting another of mine.

MR Forum design tweaks?
Garamond said:
I agree with the thread starter, the site seems kinda half finished now. If the forum itself aren't going to be upgraded, there should be a color adjustment to make it look more professional.

When that is said: what about upgrading the forum software to Xenforo?

MacRumors 2011 Redesign
Mattie Num Nums said:
Now its time to ditch vBulletin 3.6. Xenforo would give you all the integration to social networking you need!
rmwebs said:
Fantastic work - just need to get vBulletin properly integrated now as its looking a little silly.

That is unless you've joined the cool kids and are going to switch to XenForo ;)
ct2k7 said:
Where's vBulletin 4 or XenForo?

New rating system +/- on posts
rmwebs said:
I'm gunu +1 you.

A 'like' would be better. XenForo has it, but unfortunately we're stuck on crappy vBulletin here. There is a mod for it tho.

Potential XenForo?
ct2k7 said:

This is mainly towards the staff at MacRumors, probably more at arn.

Does MacRumors have any immediate or far plans to move to the newer (a bit chaotic) vBulletin 4 platform, given that 3.x and 3.8.x are on their last legs? If not, what does MacRumors plan on doing? XenForo might be able to help.

PS, keep up the awesome management of servers and systems. I really appreciate it, given myself being a service provider in the field.

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ct2k7 said:
*like*, damn, only works in XenForo

Google Launches 'Swiffy' Flash-to-HTML5 Converter
rmwebs said:
I think you'll find that every modern web browser can handle HTML5 perfectly fine ;)

A prime example is the forum software, XenForo - its fully HTML5 and is even compatible with IE6.


Sidenote: I googled for a copy of flash pacman, downloaded the SWF and ran it through Swiffy. To my surprise, it actually worked and produced a fully functional HTML5 copy (all be it with fugly looking code and it ran pretty slow, but it was playable).

Gathomblipoob said:
Ah. I thought you might have a "read edits" functions as I used to have on the forum I help moderate - at least before we went to Xenforo...

Your favorite tech company (aside from Apple)?
ct2k7 said:

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rmwebs said:
Finally, in future you dont need to go spouting off about how you dabble in design and such - nobody here is a judge, and absolutely everything is personal opinion, not fact - including this very post, although calling all the members a bunch of geeks is pretty damn hypocritical. I do agree about the crummy vBulletin forum skin though. I'd personally be using XenForo....beautiful system.


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MacRumors got hacked right? Are there any active Mac forums that use Xenforo software?