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This discussion derived from the addon Noforo but actually it could be a standalone new addon for a better What's New?

Waindigo's NoForo strips out the forums from XF
The result is having a full XF structure to house static pages, or a blog, gallery, shop or whatever.
We have the sidebar (which can be added to all or more pages) and the top navbar (which can be much customised with Nodes-As-Tabs).
Plus Search, and the Contact Us page and all the wealth of XF design.
Then possibly permissions for custom content access, perhaps profiles for premium members etc.

My interest here is immediately in how to create static info pages on a Noforo site.
Noforo static pages could be done with XF Pages but that limits who can create/ and maintain them to html coders. Pros and cons on that.
My preferred solution is Waindigo's Library - same dev as Noforo.
Library is a beautiful addon that means easy frontend create articles with the standard post editor so text formatting and media embedding, and attachments. Multiple pages/ preview snippets/ node tree permissions.(Normally link to thread but not in this case on a NoForo site).

This discussion here applies to BOTH those options.: Library or Pages.
It could also produce a BETTER Whats New? on its own.

The main issue I want addressed in order to have this type of site with Noforo + Library (or Pages) is to have What's New? part of it.
Currently Whats New? ONLY pulls forum threads. But it's the major site handler for my users and I know it's very popular with other boards' users. The visit with/ without a notification pull, and typically click Whats New? to get involved.

Waindigo's proposal is to make a NEW What's New? page which replaces the current one.
He says on his Noforo thread:
My suggestion is that the What's New Plus add-on would delete the existing What's New page and create a completely new What's New page. Exactly what the page looks like would be up for discussion, but I would suggest something more like the search results page, since the search results page DOES allow for different types of contents.
I would create what's new handlers for every content type that I wanted in what's new. So if you had Library, installed, you would have a library article what's new handler. The What's New Plus add-on would come with a handler for threads (and maybe one for pages, forums, etc.) included.

So our What's New? Plus would act like a pre-set Search to fetch all kinds of content, not just threads - but XF Pages or Library Articles, maybe Annouvcments? and of course threads / posts if this is a normal XF site, not a Noforo site.

I suggested the What's New Plus search might have tickboxes so a user could exclude a type of item or several.
I also noted that I already replace WN with the view all recent threads link because on a small site it stops the results coming up blank. So I'd want that in too.

Noforo can be found here.
XF Pages info here:
Library can be found here:
I think we're saying it wouldnt require NoForo or Library so could work with a standard XF board giving results including threads and Pages.

But also it could service a NoForo site
- with Pages
- or Library articles

I think for a modest fee Waindigo would add other types of components like eg blog posts, or shopfront pages, or gallery entries.
Which could be a standard XF install (board) or a NoForo site.

Time to look at display possibilities.

1. Replaces the current What's New link on Navbar
1A. Noforo creates a Navbar link (as usually What's New is under the Forums tab)

2. Sidebar block with admin set number of latest items.

3. Personally I find the What's New button on my Breadcrumbs bar VERY handy as it#s there top and bottom everywhere.
I think for a modest fee Waindigo would add other types of components like eg blog posts, or shopfront pages, or gallery entries.
Which could be a standard XF install (board) or a NoForo site.
The idea of a 'handler' is that it makes it very easy for others to integrate it into their own add-ons without my help.
Sounds interesting !
My first impression is to make it compatible with the other content types around
library (of course)
xencarta (wiki)

.... others ?
gallery (robbo's)
future content types
storefront ? [here] ( have to think about that ).
... more later
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