What's New? or New Threads


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This is not a suggestion or a complaint just observation.

I wondered for a while why clicking the Everybody's News/ What's New/ New Threads links didn't show the threads that most interest me.

After a bit I noticed some discreet text that said it was only threads that were Unread for me.
I can see the logic there - it throws up stuff I won't otherwise see unless I visit each forum area in turn.
But not including the ones that interest me most actually makes it a boring list. It's very occasional I see something new to interest me. So I'm using that pathway a lot less.

I wonder if it might be more fun to have a New threads/ Latest threads updated concept?
That would be an overview - as now - getting a mix from all sections which is nice, but would include what most interests the user (threads they are following)
Might be an optional thing as both approaches make sense.