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I'd like to extend my personal thanks to @Chris D, who has truly gone above and beyond for XenForo. He seems to be at work literally all the time, and as far as I can tell, doesn't actually sleep... :unsure:
^ That.

He's still hanging around answering tickets, posts, etc. when I turn in for the night, and I'm 5 hours behind him!
Sleep is for wimps!

Aww shucks. Thanks guys.

Having the opportunity to work with such amazingly talented developers (@Mike, @Kier) makes it all worthwhile. And the rest of the team (@Brogan, @Slavik, @Jake Bunce and @Ashley) well, they're ok, I guess :D

But, seriously, these guys all welcomed me to XenForo with open arms 3 years (😲) ago and everyone, no matter how big or small their part may be, does an outstanding job behind the scenes and we'll all continue to do our bit long into the future to the best of our ability.

And, importantly, we must thank our amazing customers. Without you none of this would be possible. It has been a long 3 years in the making but your patience and understanding and of course your efforts in providing feedback and bug reports and all of you that go out of your way to help your fellow customers with additional support and advice and sharing your knowledge is truly wonderful and is much appreciated.

Thank you all.
Have to say well done to the XF team and am sure we're all looking forward to rolling this out on our sites, if not already done so.
In the 3+ years we've been here @Chris D has always been extremely supportive and helpful. From his Media Gallery add-on then also in XF itself, he's always been efficient, polite and very helpful. A credit to XF and a testament to his character and no doubt work ethic.
Great to see this finally supported and will be moving with it too ourselves when we've ported everything over.


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Well done fellas, looks amazing and very sleek. Been a long time coming but I am sure it is worth the wait :cool:

Currently moving house, but will be back to renew and have a good look under the bonnet in a few weeks... Christmas Hols yayaayayaa!!!

Floyd R Turbo

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feature parity was the focus, but even with that sid I don't think a newsletter was ever even on the list of things to add. Remember XF has a history of being a framework, not a feature-rich all-in-one (which some call bloat but let's not get into that)


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feature parity was the focus, but even with that sid I don't think a newsletter was ever even on the list of things to add.
Correct, it wasn't but a quick search will show you plenty of requests for such a needed feature - as you know.
It's a shame that something so essential, whereby we contact clientèle, our means to directly send marketing etc, was not expanded upon further really. There's been some call for it for such a long time. Bloat or not, I think you'll find that a lot of people would also have liked to have seen something further done with it than what it is at right now.
It's a genuine shame that something so essential for marketing purposes, direct contact and content pushing to members, was just left out really. A simple WYSIWYG editor would even have been great with raw HTML formatting, even just that would be better than what we have really.. (nothing much)