Implemented  What's New - All Recent Activity link doesn't show


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Majdi, I don't think you understand.

When you go into Forums > What's New

There should be a link "All Recent Messages". That link shows if there are posts that you haven't read. But if there are no posts you haven't read then the link isn't there. It shouldn't go away.

You can drill down under the Members tab to recent activity, but I don't think most members would think intuitively to look for recent activity under the members tab. Further, that shows all activity not just posts.


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I have described a bug at russian, but forgot to post it. I think it similar...
  1. Click What's New?. There is link All Recent Messages - good.
  2. Read all messages. Then click What's New? link again.
    All messages marked as readed, but where is link All Recent Messages? I need it :) Maybe because is the error message? Then it should be changed as in vB or similar:
    Sorry, there are no new threads to view.

    You may search for threads updated during the previous 24 hours, here.
    Better is not last 24 hours, but all last messages.
  3. We know link for All Recent Messages - type in browser /forum/find-new/threads?recent=1
    (link All Recent Messages again here - good :))
    But I see this - "Threads below this have not been updated since your last visit but have unread messages". I haven't unread messages :)


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Strictly speaking, not a bug but it has been something on my list, so I made the change.