What's happened to Shelley and BBSmiley

Adam Howard

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I think I recall @Shelley saying she was going to take a break. Although I am worried that her domain is also offline. If hosting was an issue, I would have happily hosted her for free because of all the many benefits my community and many others here have gained thanks to her friendly outlook and gracious generosity.

Wherever she is right now, I truly do hope she is doing well.

Liam W

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I was wondering why @Shelley hadn't been on for a while when I checked her profile page a few weeks ago...

Hope she's well, although I'm sure she is and she just needs a break.

Shame on the site (although registration has been disabled for a while).

Tracy Perry

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I was a frequent user of bbsmiley.com and loved the words of Shelley now the site disappeared and Shelley's no more here.
Anyone know what's happened?
Probably a period of burn out. I've extended an offer to host her site on my server in a KVM VPS and maintain the back end for her if she wants. Haven't heard back yet (but don't expect to for a while as the invitation is going through a third party that talks with her some).
I noticed that Shelley had written on the site that she had just completed 3 styles and was going to work on some icons next. Did she release those 3 styles for sale somewhere or on the site somewhere? I tried viewing her profile so that I could search for all of her threads but she has it set to private. I saw this thread (as I haven't seen here either) and figured I would post here.


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Shelley doesn't release styles, she just makes them because she has masochistic tendencies ;)

But seriously, no she doesn't release the styles she makes - they're made for her own enjoyment.
I know this is an old thread but anyone heard anything from @Shelley recently been a while and more or less just want to make sure she is okay -the contributions she has made to many of our forums is unbelievable and just known she is okay would help put my mind at ease.