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To convert PSD to wordpress?

I've been looking around and for some reason I have like 7 customers wanting me to convert them from a provided PSD to wordpress design. Now I don't consider my prices "cheap" but something must be up when all of a sudden i've gone from 1 a month to 7 in the space of 3 weeks?


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I'd figure out the typical hours required for an average graphics person to do it....and then use $50 an hour or so.

Better yet, have a relatively low standard price for those who don't need a lot of support and who are relatively non-commercial (don't make a living or large $$ off their blog) and then a "by the job" price for those who want/need a bit more hand holding and support.

Some people will take your first try and say "fine", others will make you tweak it over and over!

You could also give a price for "up to 3 hours, typical job) and then say "cost plus" for extra tweaking. When people know this they tend to approve the first or second draft.


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I wish I could charge $50 an hour. I don't even make minimum wage ($10 an hour) on my add-ons and custom work.
Give it time, grasshopper!

If you are not making $10 an hour for custom work, you need change things. $20 or so an hour should be the very minimum if you are just fooling around (young or doing it for enjoyment/learning/etc. on the side), and $35 to $50 is closer to the mark.

If you make a good add-on(s), then when XF has 10X as many buyers, you should make 10X as much money for the same code.

A lot of this stuff work on a principle called "value added". The add-on writers who produce great stuff but may be here today and gone tomorrow will not earn as much as a developer who puts together a bit more of a serious long-term effort. An example is with the CMS I have been using, EE. A developer group called Solspace gets top dollar for their add-ons because they have a commitment to be here as the years go by.

But that's probably fodder for another thread....

Still, when it comes to this PSD stuff, there is a fair amount of value in it. The design will likely be used for years, so to the client it should seem reasonable.