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XF 1.4 What would cause our logo to shift?

It used to be centered left in the white space & now it looks like this:
- we shut off Cloudflare caching this morning because it was causing so many errors, but that is all we have changed. This just showed for me tonight. It is being reported in multiple browsers & on phones :(

Thanks for any help!

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Usually best to ask in your style thread, but your logos height is 580px high, but your logo height is set to 88px.

Default style setting would be: Style Properties -> Header and Navigation.(you need to increase the logo height value)
For anyone viewing this who might be curious, all of our problems we have had have been caused by Cloudflare. Perhaps our lack of knowledge on setting it up properly, but I did add all ips to white list & follow their directions. It caused us numerous major issues. So, if anyone is thinking about using it...be warned you may end up with some really odd issues.