What will happen to the postbit and postbody widths if the fixed width style is increased?


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I use the fixed width setting on my site so I can accurately control content and layout.

Unfortunately the fixed width layout on XenForo is slightly too narrow so I will be forced to increase it slightly.

When I do, how will that impact on the various elements within the code such as the postbit, postbody, text editor, polls, and all the other various layouts, etc?
Will they automatically resize dynamically or will I have to manually edit all the settings in the css?

Essentially the post body text is currently 796px but I need a minimum of 800px so I can display 800px x 600px images without them needing to be clicked to get the full size.
There are also other reasons related to tables but the width alone won't resolve that, I will also need to change the font and reduce the size.

Ideally, it would be great if XenForo was at least 800px out of the box, maybe even a bit more, hint, hint, ;)

If not though, how much work would it be to get the extra 4px I need?


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It's basically all designed around a liquid layout (except for things that are designed to be fixed width, like the left column of a post or the sidebars). Setting the width to any fixed value or a liquid width (or semi-liquid with a min-width/max-width value) is trivial. :)


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As Mike said, the only thing that changes between the fixed and liquid layouts is the width of the page container. Everything within it is essentially still liquid, so setting a fixed width of whatever you like is completely trivial.


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(or semi-liquid with a min-width/max-width value) is trivial. :)
That will be incredibly awesome. :)

I want the flexibility of liquid, but have noticed our forum looks a bit silly on the really wide monitors with a full window.


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Thanks guys, that's exactly what I was hoping to hear.

Can these settings be done in the ACP via the style options or would they be hard edits in a css file?


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I sounds like I'll be able to do almost everything I need to from the ACP.

Now if only the font style and size was changeable from the Style Properties system... ;)


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So it would seem then, unless you want to actually move bits around on the various templates or add/delete items, there will be no need to do any manual editing at all?

A forum owner will be able to control the overall appearance of the site in terms of fonts, colours and widths all from the ACP.

That for me is one of the best features I've ever heard of in a forum solution.