What version of Redactor is XenForo 1.2 using?


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XenForo uses Redactor version 8.2.6.

Redactor 9 doesn't support IE8 so XenForo probably won't be using Redactor 9 for another while.


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I would like to know which is the version of redactor implemented on xenforo due I've been reading the logs of redactor and since 30 may they upgraded redactor to version 9 which fix bugs and improve many things:

Version 9.0.0 May 30, 2013

  • We did a great job with the code, improving it's reliability, and making Redactor even much more flexible.
  • All-new API with tons of new methods and features (see API).
  • Improved Redactor launch, especially when there're multiple editors on a page.
  • Improved feature of formatting with paragraphs.
  • Improved and completely rebuilt lists feature.
  • Improved blockquotes.
  • Improved code clean-up. The output code is clean and valid.
  • Improved localization; linking a language to Redactor is now easier than ever.
  • Improved alignment.
  • Improved air-mode with multiple editors on a page.
  • Improved undo/redo.
  • Improved code formatting for pre tag.
  • Improved handling of style and script tags.
  • Improved Amazon S3 upload (see example).
  • Fixed scroll to the top issue when inserting link.
  • Fixed focus losing issue for toolbar commands.
  • Fixed garbage span tags in Chrome и Safari.
  • Fixed issue with line breaks on Enter in some browsers.
  • Fixed issue with shortcuts in some keyboard layouts, that utilize Right Alt for national characters.
  • Fixed issue with formatting, that created multiple folded elements.
  • Fixed: in IE window.beforeunload fires on toolbar button click.
  • Fixed: an issue with deleting spaces when pasting from MS Word.