What size of image is Too Large for a Signature ?


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This sort of thing is an abomination and is idiotic for any forum administrator to allow.

If you allow morons to sell signature links, what will stop them from selling banners if you enable images for signatures ??

This lunacy all started at Digital Point because Shawn allowed it to happen, but Shawn allowed a lot of 'things' to happen on DP over the years.


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i reckon you should wear that sig. maybe it will motivate k&m to code something like a block user function for the next release


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I never allowed images in signatures, which is always stated in my rules and guidelines. Any member breaking those rules are placed in a special group.


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What does a forum member look forward to folks ???

....... his next zany post ??

....... harassing the hell out of his fellow members and forum admins ??


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For most situations, having a text signature only is fine but there are some situations I can see where having image signatures is needed. Digital Scrapbooking usually has image signatures not just text signatures, but that is about the only niche I can see needing that.


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I run a few dog related forums, and allowing members to add images of their pets is a big hit, But without the ability to set restrictions.. We have recently had to make announcements regarding or new policy of policing signatures.. Ive already had a few that were full blown 1024 x 680px images.. So we have ruled that 500wide x 150height is the max allowed (text or images) and anything over those dimensions in either direction will be removed without warning.