What should I do?


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Hey guys, I'm in a quandary. I have an idea for a site that I have been wanting to build for a while - I was going to use VB for this community but I found XenForo and fell in love with the way it works.

I plan to build a wordpress frontend with xenforo for the community side of things, but the big problem is that I need galleries in the forums. It would probably be a very widely used feature that I would really need to implement.

So my question is, should I develop the site as I am ready to start work now?
I don't want to buy a VB licence and then have to buy a xenforo one, and as far as I remember PhpBB doesn't have galleries, so I can't pull those across with an importer once they are released.

Should I just wait for xenforo to come out, make the community and then just add the galleries later though pay the price that it would be a very missed feature.

What would you do?



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I wouldn't bank on XF having galleries on release. It's likely someone will produce a gallery plugin, as I know there are some already eager to work on a WP plugin, but you can't really bank on that either.

If your members are really in love with galleries, it might be a bad idea to immediately go to XF. What it really comes down to is what kind of site you are going to build. If you are going to be building a site that focuses on image contribution, then it might be an issue. If you're just building a full-on site with the forum as a forum, not sure if you'll need a gallery. My members made us of the VB gallery when it first came out, but it was mainly to post pictures they found on the web. Then, galleries died off. That was my experience though, and really only you can judge what you need and don't need. As I said, don't bank on XF having galleries on release.


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Pick X gallery script that you like.
Go to a site that lets people from India and east Asia bid against each other for the pleasure of writing inexpensive code for you.
Have them code a plugin that integrates X gallery into X forum.


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Hi Crazyfruitbat,
I also have a couple of new sites in the pipeline that I wanted to release asap, I am however going to sit on them until xenforo is released. I just have such a good feeling about the quality and support that will come with xenforo that I think it will be worth the wait and let's be honest anything is better that vBulletin! (since internet brands acquired it).