What script is this?


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It's a simple quiz script that they seem to have integrated via page nodes :)
Screenshot at 2012-09-09 11:38:50.png

You can find a lot of free quiz scripts. Then just embed the quiz into the page node. I think someone here was developing a quiz add-on (maybe finished and released. IDK)

Image posted for those unwilling to sign-up/view. Screenshot at 2012-09-09 11:43:34.png Screenshot at 2012-09-09 11:44:25.png

sami simo

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Your best bet (and suggested method) of getting support for the issue is to ask in the support thread for it here or contacting the author.
The author provide a good documentation on how to embed the script in HTML page, but I think this will not work with XF, as HTML is not supported in nodes.

sami simo

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I'm planning to integrate a quiz with most threads in my forum( it's an elearning site.) so hundreds of quiz . I do not think the page system can handle all this. But thanks Brogan , I appreciate a lot your help.


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As Brogan stated, Xenforo will handle many hundred forum nodes, hell! on one of my forums, I have over 2,000 forums without issue. Although, better pagination would be more than welcome in the "Display Node Tree" admin area