What make XenForo Stand Out from the Crowd


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I had posted this article on my blog. I just want to post it here so that everyone can read :D. I hope you guys will enjoy reading it. Thanks

At some point we have to ask ourself "What make XenForo Stand Out from the Crowd"? There are so many different part that made up a XenForo Software. Each parts make XenForo stand out and attractive a lot of forum owners and webmasters. For example, SEO Friendly make XenForo stand out among many other forum software. In this article I will show you what's it that make XenForo a better forum software compare to Vbulletin, PhpBB, MyBB, etc..

1. User Friendly
When I first install XenForo on my localhost// I said WOW right after because of its default style and easy navigation. The default style in XenForo is very intuitive and user-friendly. Not just me but most people will find it attractive and you can also keep your visitors to stay longer on your XenForo forum.

2. Great Resources and Support Many Languages
On the official website of XenForo there is a tab called XenForo Resources. This is where forum owners who bought a XenForo license can actually download different kind of resources for their forum such as Add-ons, Styles, Graphics, Template Modifications, and read the XenForo Tips and Guides. Moreover, you will find different kind of languages available for your forum needed. They has Vietnamese, German language, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic Language, French Language, and much more.

3. Alerts & SEO Friendly
One of my favorite thing about XenForo is they have a feature called Alerts. This feature just like Facebook, it will let the members know if someone is reply back to their topic or like their topic. Another thing is SEO Friendly, to be honest once your XenForo forum is up and running you will be more than impressive about the SEO feature that XenForo have. You don't have to worry about installing breadcrumbs for better SEO or anything. It's installed for you already.

With XenForo there is no need to pay more for your search engine optimization needs. Human-readable URLs, semantic HTML with embedded microdata, and many more SEO features are present in the very core of the system.

4. Easy to Manage and Control
Do you really hated when people is spamming your forum and/or your members is writing profanities in their comments. With XenForo Admin CP you can actually have control over that. You can cross out bad words using the Censor feature, ban users, creat new forum node and much more.

5. Easy Installation
XenForo is a forum software that can be installed easily without editing any files. Once you get it upload it to your host and go to your forum domain to install it. That's not it, installing add-ons and styles can also be install on your forum in some simple steps.

6. Fast Loading
Every forum owners want their forum to load fast so that visitors and search engine will keep coming back and see their forum as a user friendly site. This element take a big part in the SEO Competition everyday. With XenForo you don't have a worry about it because it is a fast loading forum software.

Any comment or suggestion feel free to do so below. Thank you very much for taking time and read through it.
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