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What Linux distribution do you use for your server?

What Linux distribution do you use?

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I've run a hosting company. 40 odd machines. All running debian

I only have my own personal servers now (moved jobs), 3 in New Zealand, 2 in the USA (dev machines in nz)
All run debian.

Standardization keeps maintenance to a minimum :)

Luke F

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Fedora because I like having the the latest versions of everything and prefer rpm/yum/red hat stuff, and it's easily as stable as CentOS (3+ months uptime no problem) and can do in-place major version upgrades over ssh/vnc fairly reliably


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centos because when i first didnt know how to manage linux server alot of people recommended centos so i went with it. Years after i gradually learn how to manage a centos server on my own so when i order servers i only pick centos for that reason since thats the only server os that i can manage


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Fedora or CentOS depending on whether I feel that stability or latest features are more important. Normally that results in server being CentOS and home machines being Fedora.