What is Waindigo?


Now that I've purchased, this is more a post-sales question, but... I saw a competitor just launched their upgraded site in the last 24 hours and they also switched to Xenforo, and I see some copyright info from "Waindigo", but I go to the linked site and I see nothing but a request to pay money for subscriptions to add-ons. And no add-ons.

Is Waindigo a person? Does this person make add-ons? Are they useful? Where do I find them?

Thanks in advance
If he's no longer active, why he still has all those subscriptions info up? It's as if people need to subscribe in order to see the products he offers...

I imagine there must people who subscribe there not knowing that.
The ownership of most of the add-ons were transferred over to @ThemeHouse and for the post part any subscriptions/support/other costs will be offered by them.

It looks like some of the add-ons have "by Waindigo" in the title but this just indicates who originally authored the resource. The current author can change this title to whatever they wish.

Any resources which are owned by users who no longer visit, will be marked as Unmaintained or eventually deleted thanks to our Housekeeping procedures.
Hi Chris,

On my forum install, I see this copyright and link to Waindigo subscriptions page:

Certain XenForo add-ons by Waindigo™ ©2011-2012 Waindigo Limited.

Those 2 links both point to their subscriptions page. This is pretty bad and misleading considering he's no longer active.

Could I remove this copyright?
If cannot remove the whole copyright, could I at least remove the two links?

I think for benefit of xenforo users, xenforo should do what it takes to remove this copyright notice, or at least remove the links in it so it's not misleading.
There's literally nothing we can do about that.

You have an add-on installed that looks like it must be around 4 years old, and that add-on was authored by Waindigo. I'm certain that no one is going to "accidentally" go and pay for a subscription which, looking at that site, gives you nothing.

Copyright messages should always be left untouched unless you have the express permission of the author.

Is the add-on you're using still available here? Is it now under the ownership of ThemeHouse? If so, you should contact them. They can advise what to do to change/remove the links or upgrade the add-on.
Thanks Chris for your quick reply!

I was under the impression it's something in base version of Xenforo because I always see it on my forum. :D

But now that you said it's addon related, I had a look at my addon list and disabled the "Import Tools by Waindigo", and this removed that copy right. I think this import tool was installed by the specialist I hired for the forum migration purpose. It's no longer needed.
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