What is the best way to go about blocking all ip address except for those in the US?


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Do you not think doing that would be showing favouritism towards US people?
Well my site has been hacked multipliable times. I am not currently using xenforo as our forums yet. Our site only gets used by 75 people or less. So if I could limit it by state I would....lol So that is why I am asking how to limit to just U.S. ip address. Just want to know the best way to accomplish this.



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If you mean you want to completely stop any kind of access for non-US users then probably something in your .htaccess file to do this. Then you'll block at the server level and won't use up as much server resources/bandwidth. If you google "block countries in htaccess" or similar. I would allow US IP addresses and block the rest (rather than the other way around).

If your server has GeoIP installed that is another good way of doing this.


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How would you go about that?
"What is the best way to go about blocking all ip address except for those in the US?"
Blocking all IP addresses except the US addresses would not go too far because people from oversees could use US proxies.
The way to stop them:blocking those proxies.

I wouldn't go for it,too many of them.
Bit of a waste of time because if the hackers have the skill to hack your site then I'm sure using a US proxy server isn't going to be too much of a challenge.

I would change host. You shouldn't be getting hacked if you're host is any good.