XF 2.2 What is the best way to detect when a user gets or loses a group

I am currently trying to accomplish this by extending the UserGroupChange service, but either manually adding a user to the group via the edit user page does not trigger this or I am extending the wrong thing.


namespace Retro\Sourcebans\Service\User;

class UserGroupChange extends XFCP_UserGroupChange
    public function addUserGroupChange($userId, $key, $addGroups)
        $this->app->logException(new \Exception(\XF::dumpSimple([$userId.$key, $addGroups])));
        \XF::dump([$userId, $key, $addGroups]);
        return false;

Currently im just tring to make an error occur to show me im doing the right thing lol.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Most likely won't work this way, editing users in ACP doesn't use that service.

I'd use an event listener on entity_post_save for XF:User
if ($entity->isChanged('user_group_id') || $entity->isChanged('secondary_group_ids'))
// do smth.