What is the best caching mechanism for XF1.5 and PHP 7


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I run my XF1.5 forum on a server with PHP 7 + opcache enabled. Now I also would like to enable a caching mechanism for my xenforo installation.
  • With PHP7 opcache is available, but not APC.
  • As far as I can see memcache is not available in a stable version for PHP 7
So at the moment my only option is a file cache, right?

What are your experiences? How do you cache with PHP7?


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With PHP7 opcache is available, but not APC.

I do believe that APCu is available for PHP 7 and replaces APC... but I'd still use Redis or Memcached myself.

Correct, APCu is available for PHP7 - I run it on all of my servers and it is supported by XenForo.

APCu is perfectly adequate for most sites running off a single server.

Memcached is a distributed caching system which is required if you have multiple web servers and require a common cache pool - but isn't really required for standalone servers.