What is 'Content IP'


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It is the IP that the person that made the post was using. It is recorded by the software, not generated.
Then this ip is from software and not from user... This member does not have any content posted, as I am retrieving this from 'Current Visitors' page.
Odd, then how would one know that is own Internet Protocol (IP) address? I know that what is showing at the moment is not even close to what my computer is displaying.... Can you do me a favor and confirm if this is what is shown on my content here in XenForo...

Internet Protocol (IP) 50.93.XXX.XX

I wonder if the router with WLAN enabled is causing this... my computer is wired in, but router is now enabled to pick-up wireless devices within my home....

[Edit: Mar. 04/2011 10:05 am mst] Yes, that is what is going on... WLAN enabled has my ip showing up completely different then it was just a few days ago...


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I see.. Glad you got it sorted.

Yes IPs do change and it can be a bit confusing at times with regards to wireless.
Surely every device connected to that router will, at any given time, display the same IP when viewed from outside that network.. the IP given to the router when it connected to the Exchange.


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Technically not a router. But a NAT'ing firewall. A router doesn't masq the traffic from one side to the other.