What if....?


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I had a wacky idea that I came up with and wanted to share. Hence the thread title....What if...

We all know that IB is claiming to have a lawsuit against XenForo. In some lawsuits the people or company's getting sued attach a counter claim against the person suing for damages for lawyer fees, court fees and damages that come from the lawsuit. So lets say the XenForo leaders decide to attach a counter claim to the lawsuit for damages of there own. Lets say it goes to court. XenForo wins the lawsuit. The judge awards XenForo damages. Lets says its a pretty hefty some of money. IB has pretty much payed for the Development of XenForo and Salarys of the XenForo leaders for the last year. What if this could actually become reality? XenForo comes out smelling like roses while IB shoots themselves in the foot again and loses market share. Kinda makes you wonder if it could happen?