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What domain registrar do you use and why?


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Namesilo hands down. Great support, fast service, reliable API and great prices. I like that they won't offer me hosting too.
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Ernest L. Defoe

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I've been using Namecheap for years and have had no problems with them. Bought a couple .ms domains from Godaddy and next thing I know my account is locked out and can't get in. So won't be using them ever again. I got an invite to Google Domains but haven't registered a domain through them though.
I registered my domain through my eCommerce platform Shopify just for organization purposes. I also have a domain registered through BlueHost.com because I got a good deal.
Name.com - NameCheap - GoDaddy.com

Why godaddy?
Aftermarket auctions you can find decent domains and coupons.
NameCheap because I use to like their website, not so much anymore.
Name.com - Easy to use and navigate pretty decent prices.


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used to use godaddy, but too much crap in the way of an order now.

I now use namecheap , Free domain privacy on every eligible order.