What does xF need to have before you move from your current platform?


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There are a few things I would like to have before moving to xF - what do you need before you can move over to xF?

One of the things I'd like is "exclude selected forums from search" option for members.

There are probably others - I haven't put a massive amount of thought into it just yet - but what would you need?

Shaun :D


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You do know you can hit Advanced Search on the Search Dropdown and include/exclude which forums as you please?


As for me... I'm just working on styles for fun. I could probably start an actual community and be satisfied with the way it is currently.


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Well, I will answer, but it's from a different perspective.. I have already moved to xF...

The 2 things I am noticing I really miss are:
  1. The user ignore feature. I have users that were on ignore and now they aren't. I would like to feature to be extended to include an ACP option to make two users ignore each other.
  2. The ability to set a time limit of when a post can be edited. Currently I have editing of post turned completely off.
Those are the only two big issues I have. Everything else is fluff and will come in time.



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I've moved regardless as the other solution wasn't an option anymore and hasn't been for several years now.

That being said. I'd like to see a downloads system, this can actually be done by killing two birds with one stone.

When Kier and mike develop such a system for the resource area they should and I strongly advise that they (upon completion with the first build) sell it has a separate add-on. This ensures that the resources area here is built upon a necessary layout, adds to xenforos product line and giving the members what they want and bring some financial income to xenforo.This is what I would do as a downloads system is going to be needed here regardless for the resources area so they might as well sell this as a product.

Another would be a tightly integrate e-commerce solution which would compliment the downloads product/system and thus people with xenforo commercially based sites can make use of this. Guess what? The e-commerce solution could be also used here killing those two birds and compliment the commercial add-ons, graphics, styles that people want to sell here.


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The lawsuits are in the back of the minds of many who would otherwise move, so in time that issue will be resolved, but even without that IB has pretty much ruined the work of maybe 100 thousand forums who have invested years worth of work into their websites.


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IPB importer. I'd like to have a gallery mod that imports from IPB. My members would probably be pretty upset if I removed them. An arcade would be nice, but unnecessary to switch.

Anthony Parsons

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I thought I needed more, but I honestly sacrificed some things to purely get away from VB... Sure, I sacrificed traffic for the short term in making a quicker change, but it was worth it IMHO for the build quality I now enjoy in beta, which exceeds my last choices Gold version.


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Well Anthony, you moving quick took you out of the position I am in, an ongoing dilemma on what to do with 3 vB3 forums, so you did the right thing, I still have to close down or move eventually.

Many times I think running forums is a major waste of time due to the constant attacks from Xrumer spambot operators.

Anthony Parsons

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The only real gripe that myself and my users have, is that the edit function can't be time limited... its either on or off. Users like to have that feeling that they can correct their own mistakes for a specific period, but obviously as an admin on some forums, allowing the window to be open for forever editing can lead to the destruction of some good conversations by one individual who has a bad day.

That is something I agree with my users on as the only real downfall of this software right now. A very basic function that is needed on both ends IMHO... apart from that, me and 99% of my users are stoked with the changes. I am actually starting to get some users back that I haven't seen in a long while since moving from 3.x to 4.x... basically they went away due to the performance issues... now they are slowly coming back, which is nice to see.