What does this mean?

First off all my apologies for my english...I cannot teach english language to any academy, but my hope is that you'll understand me, BTW.
Let's go ahead: what all this mean? In a good sense I'm asking how can people put they knowledge together, and make something available for the rest of the world( as this is the power of net, faster than ray of light, that goes only in one direction).
In the mean time I'm watching all around buttons, options, layout and the all stuffs an admin checks when has between the hands something that is trying to grow up.
The answers:
  • when the curious will have available the new software for a test proposal
  • is there a "decalogue" of requirements to let XenForo work properly?
I really don't know nothing about you, but it's my wish. It makes me remember the history of Yabb Se and SMF-
The result is still in a good shape I must say.
So, please tell me: what about all this? Exciting for sure, but at the moment just because it breaks the world of the paid and free board softwares, that made admin slaves of the devs.

Thank you for your responses if any;)


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1) It looks like the pre-sale will happen around late August or early September...
2) No mimimal specs have been posted as far as I know, most shared hosts are most likely good enough though...