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What do you think of the twitter bootstrap framework?


Active member
There is a lot of talk about the twitter bootstrap framework, lately.
Do you think that it would make sense if forum developers would use such a framework in stead of their own?

Thanks for your comments


Well-known member
Now I am mad at you... I have so much extra work to implement all the awesomeness that is in this platform, lol.

But seriously, I am going to be implementing a number of these things, nice stuff.


Well-known member
i use elements of bootstrap on some of my sites, since alpha. it's nice. I like the modal boxes and javascript goodies.


Well-known member
It looks awesome, I've not had chance to get stuck into it properly yet but when I find some free time I am going to digg into it and have a mess around. Since I am attempting a portfolio design for like the 20th time I think it is something for me to consider using.