What do I have to do?

Mr. Goodie2Shoes

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okay... most of the regarding the add-on is done... now I need to add an option in the Node editing page in ACP... what do I have to do...


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Yes! :D

btw, Furhmann... didn't ask you this question cuz I dont wanna ask too much from one person only :p :oops:
That's ok! ;)

To add an option in there, you need to create a code event listener using the template_post_render OR template_hook if the template have a hook.

If you want to add an option in the forums edit page, you need to look for a hook inside the template forum_edit. This is an admin template, so you will look for it in the "Development" tab and then "Admin Templates".

After you take a look and realize that there is a hook, you create a code event listener to the template_hook and add your option.


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If you want to add a new tab, you can use the hook admin_forum_edit_tabs. This hook is in the admin template forum_edit.

You can use the hook admin_forum_edit_panes, forum_edit_basic_information or admin_forum_edit_forum_options! There is a plenty of hooks in there. Take a look and try something.

Mr. Goodie2Shoes

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okay... I think this is the last question :D

How do I add the code which will add the content to a row called "blah" in the table "xf_node"?
Note: I have already added the code to create the new row in the add-on installation file...


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Take a look at the DataWriter, that's where the magic happens. ;)
The _setFields()-method is where you define the new column and you can then use the DataWriter (inside the controller) to save the information to the database.

Sorry, I don't have access to the code right now but that should give you a hint. :)