What books would you recommend?


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Hi guys,

I am looking to expand my understanding of ideas behind the american revolution, liberty and good honest and fair government.

Anyone have any suggests as to where to start?
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You can not begin to fully understand our civilization without getting down to the primal tribal aspect and looking at it from an evolutionary viewpoint.

When you describe America as having a "fair" government, you have to look at how and why the system of democracy evolved in our societies. Because Europeans never possessed the strong affinity for ingroups that is found in other peoples, due to evolving in ice age Europe where survival depended on being welcoming to outgroups, we have always had a highly individualistic nature, which played a role in forming our ideas about fair governance for individuals within our societies. Although I would say describing our societies as "fair" is innacurate. More like a trainwreck of hyper darwinism in action.

I highly recommend "The Culture Of Critique" by Kevin Macdonald.

Other titles I am currently reading:

"A Sky Without Eagles" by Jack Donovan
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I will say I am morally opposed to that in every way :ROFLMAO:

Is this an anti-Jewish book? I am little confused as to how this relates :S soz.

I dont understand why you jump to the conclusion it is an anti-Jewish book without even reading it and going by some guff written by a unknown on Wikipedia.

I dont see how examining Jewish influence is anti-Jewish.

Yet the same people who call CofC anti-semitic also call The Israel Lobby written by a pair of Jewish guys anti-semitic. I give up trying to reason with people who throw around labels.

I thought Sky Without Eagles was thought provoking. I dont get what there is to be morally opposed by it.

It seems you just want to read books that re-inforce your preconceived ideas, and therefore I cant help you.

All I know is I got to a point where the inconsistencies in our civilizations politics caused me to search for the meaning behind why they were appearing.

I dont see how anyone can say the current status quo as seen in the West where we are wholly controlled by this archaic dialect of conservatism vs liberalism via elites who are hostile to our traditional past values and culture, and how we allow these elites to instigate perpetual war is logical. If you can find logic in it good luck.

All these books do is cause you to ask the question why cant we discuss things without it being black and White.

Trump is a perfect example. We only know about Trump because the media pushed him onto us. You probably only hate,Trump because the media does. Or you probably only like Trump because the media hates him. All these books do is get you thinking about the motivations behind much of thr content we consume and how such content plays a role in shaping a culture.

If your interested in how culture is shaped via elites and the content they create, I am currently reading 'Yaxchilan The Design of a Maya Ceremonial City' by Carolyn E. Tate.

All thesr books do is get one thinking about whatt defines civilization itself. If you cant see how a book that analyzes a White Protestant civilization from an evolutionary perspective is relevant to understanding how the American war of independence came about then sorry I cant be of any help. Bye.
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"The Law", "The State" and Other Political Writings, 1843-1850 - Frederic Bastiat

It's a collection of his works, but "The Law" will probably be the most interesting part of it.


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Milton Friedman did not only leave us with his books, but also with lot of interesting videos. You might want to search for him on youtube aswell. Theres quite some interesting stuff out there from him (e.g. the free to choose series).