What Are Your Goals For 2017?


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My goal for 2017 is to set a goal that is actually realistic in my life, given the circumstances.


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Goals? We don't need no steeking goals! :D Anyway, just some random thoughts.

1) Hoping to relaunch one forum, provided I can find some interest. But it's not a priority.

2) Finish moving several sites off of one old hosting account onto my newer cloud account. Performance is surprisingly good at the moment, especially running Elasticsearch and MySQL on the same instance, but I may split MySQL to its own instance and, perhaps, Elasticsearch as well.

3) Upgrade everything to XF2 when it is released. It will be a few months until the add-ons we need are all updated to use XF2, as some we need for daily operations.

4) Maintain traffic on the larger forums, and try to build traffic on others, including building out some companion sites using WordPress. (And I can't stress how much I want a really good, reliable XF/WP bridge!)