What are your "must-have" resources and add-ons?

I'm looking at getting back to building a forum using XenForo. That being said, I'm not up-to-date on all the resources, plugins, and add-ons available. Nor do I know what's still actively being updated, or is discontinued / deprecated.

What are some of your recommendations for essential resources/add-ons to use?

Tracy Perry

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Guess what you call "essential" is important.
What is "essential" for one site won't be for another.

Now, if you are talking CORE add-ons, for me.

Alert Improvements
Limit Bots
Warning Improvements
User Mention Improvements
BBCode Thread & Post

Security & Passkeys
Better Analytics


For MY site... just about all of @Bob's add ons:
Link Directory

And then XFRM and XFMG.


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For end users, Threadmarks is one of the more critical add-ons for my sites. It is amazing how useful adding a list of marked posts to a thread is.
For moderators, Report/Warning Improvements + Report Centre Essentials are very nice quality of life upgrades and have been quite useful for scaling up to a large number of volunteer staff without them tripping over each other.