What are you listening to?


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I'm sure we've all seen this topic somewhere on the net before, but I've never seen it here. So ... what are you listening to?

Ben Moody - Everything Burns

Your turn to tell about your tunes. :D

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Speaking of music, have you noticed how bad music has become lately? Back in the 80's and 90's, music was real good. The lyrics actually told a story, and artists experimented. Now-a-days, it's all about hip-hop (bleh!) and the lyrics barely make any logical sense. What's happened to music? :mad:
System Of A Down - Roulette
The Cure - Freakshow; It came on as I was typing.
Los Angeles use to have a huge indy music scene that was pretty decent... That started dying out in high school.
I use to buy tickets to local shows for bands, but I haven't bothered since about 2004.
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