Slow page loading in the What are you listening to ? thread

I see the Videos sometimes do load after the thread loads.

I guess what I notice as slow is .... I can't use the Chrome (BTW I am using Chrome) scroll bar sometimes because the page is still loading. But sometimes I can use the scrollbar right away.

Is this a Chrome thing ?
This is actually a Google thing.... Their servers are loading slowly

This affects not only XenForo, but also vBulletin, IPB, and even phpBB


I tested this on Firefox as well as Chrome and even Internet Explorer.

Same videos, with same content.

As for how you're able to scroll or not during the load. This is a browser thing (all browsers)
Yes, if there are a lot of youtube videos in a thread, it loads awfully slow.
There should be a youtube proxy in the next XF version, similar to the header proxy. The page should get fully rendered before videos load.
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