What are you doing (to your members) for April Fools?


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We plan on doing a fake hacking of the website.
LOL I did that a few years back people freaked when they logged in to find the site was "hacked" and all that remained was a shoutbox for people to complain about the hackers ruining the site, with a few select posts from the hacker stating how easy it was to do.


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Can anyone find the post from exactly ten years ago today, where we announced that we were working on vBulletin 3, where we would be abandoning bad old SQL and going with a revolutionary 'flat file database'?

So far I've only been able to find this response to it, I fear the original post may have been deleted by people without a sense of humour.



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I've been ill this week so didn't get around to doing anything. I'm a bit disappointed as last year's "everyone is a moderator" joke went down really well. :sick: