What are YOU doing about it?

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Truly XF is not what it was a few months ago. With good reason, not the fault of XF.
I too miss Brogan. He was unique. Notice "unique" means one of a kind, can't be repeated. I'm glad I worked with him in the days when he was the best mod ever. Shame he went weird but love affairs do often go off at the end.

So what are YOU doing to help XF cope until the court case is dismissed or won?
Are you posting cheerful, reassuring comments about the court case to help the community KEEP its happy atmosphere?
Are you doing a little bit of support to help the mods with very basic support queries from newcomers? One support post every week or two by you would make a big difference. A lot of newcomers ask very simple things.

Or are you making things worse by whingeing and complaining about those who ARE trying to keep it all going?

Be glad that others have kept going. XF is a strong community indeed. XF has survived because of courage and determination by KAM, hard work by coders and mods, and help by some of its users.
Are you part of that? Or are you part of the problem?

The problem is not really the court case. That will creak to its end quite soon.
The problem for this community is small spiteful members who poke and hack at it. Mostly such silly timewasters can only do this because XF is generous enough to allow free speech here. A few actually exploit XF's struggle for their own moment of dirty fame by doing ***** blogs.
But those few get their comeuppance. I's the dreary boring members here who moan and groan because the party has gone quiet and workaday that do much to spoil this lovely communiy.
If you lack the guts and maturity to help at least have the good manners to shut up and not make the mods work harder.

XF has given us the best forum software ever. A key list of addons. The best support ever. The sweetest liveliest interactive communities ever, here and in 1,000s of others.
It was said over and over that this was much more than just a company selling software. It was an exciting innovative community. Are you helping to bring the good days back or not? Because selfish gimme gimme doom talk doesn't help.

A "community" goes two ways.

We get AND we give.

Where do you stand? Remember what you write now will stay on record. If you are brave, helpful, useful that will be remembered here. XF history will hold your name in respect in years to come. You will share in future XF triumphs knowing you did your bit to make those triumphs possible.

But if you are cowardly now, if you whinge, moan, play drama games, make more work for mods, that too will be right here on record for all to see.
I really like the product and the community and the addon developers. Many things are true that you say and I value your enthusiasm.

But nowadays I miss the same enthusiasm from the owners of the company.
I do my own thing, I try to post ontopic in threads, share my opinion and experiences, help where I can, while trying not to get sucked into any drama. Perhaps I'm unintentionally being part of the problem, maybe there's people who consider me a part of it. If so, I'm not aware of it and I'd apologize. However, I do try to keep being positive and helpful.
I think it's best for everyone if people remain both honest and respectful. This is a commercial product and anyone considering investment of their time and money deserves more than just a dog and pony show.
The community is not going to save this product, but the developers do have a chance to save the community.
<passes Morgain a cloth to clean her rose-tinted glasses>

No development for months.
No conversation from the developers for most of the year.
Mike is no longer present.
Ashley is no longer present.
Kier drops in but says nothing.
Support tickets are being handled by mods.
Discussions about XF's future and valid questions to the company/developers are shut down (they're there - breifly - but disappear before the majority get to see them).
The "questions" remain unanswered.
The company forums are full of spam.
No discussion. No direction. No development. No idea where XF is heading.
Madly enthusiastic people who once fully supported KAM are now nowhere to be seen or have moved on to other platforms.

To all intents and purposes it is now an adandoned project and the end of the lawsuit will be just that, a final, closing - thank God that's over - end for the XF owners.

I fully expect we'll see XenForo Ltd shutdown shortly after.

I'll be very (pleasantly) surprised if we ever see 1.2
My "part" will be that I'll continue to be a member of the XF forums, and will ignore any of the silly crap that people keep spreading about XF's future.

(Sorry to put it so blunt, but it's a select bunch of forum members who've made this place a little less..nice than it once was).

I love the product, love the community. Once the court case is all sorted out, I'm sure we'll all look back at this as a minor hurdle in XF's history.
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