whacko importer

i use whacko forums and have for the past 9 years. i have 1,567,800,901 post, 17,688,421 threads, and 3,001,846,011 users. do you offer an importer for whacko? if not can i hire a developer to make one?


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We don't have an importer available for that so it would require custom development or a two stage import via software for which we do have an importer, such as VB, IPB, phpBB.

Do you really have 1.5 billion posts and 3 billion members?
whacko was a homebrew development of old phpbb 1.5 and continued until 3 years ago. despite the name it is valid software but i can see why you would add my thread to your junk bin. my question is valid. do you have an importer and if not can you make one if hired?