XF 1.5 Welcoming Notice With Image

LT Jennifer

I'm attempting to create a "welcome" notice for the forum list. Questions:

(1) I'd like to put all of what I want to say in the image, but the add notice page insists I type in a message. Is there a way to specify an image WITHOUT a message?

(2) The image is shrunk down to unreadability. Even when I scale it up with GIMP, it still gets shrunk down. How do I make it use the entire height and width of the notice area? I'll add some more stuff on the left so it's the right aspect ratio.

(3) Is there a way to download the entire help manual so I can read it end-to-end without having to browse it hierarchically?

The shrunk image can be viewed at www.alemontree.eu . If it asks for a password up front, click on the w. (There is no password.) The image itself is on the forum list page just under the top trail of breadcrumbs. I've used Page Criteria > Content Template is > forum_list to put it there.


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A notice must contain some text.
If you just want to show an image, you can use an ad_* template instead, although it won't be dismissible.

No, there is no way to download the help manual.


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It sounds to me like you want to have the body of the notice be your image, in which case you can use HTML to insert the image and that solves the issues.