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Where can I enable this feature? I upgraded to Xenforo 1.4 but it's not working for me. o_O
It's enabled by default.
Check your theme if it's XF 1.4.0 compatible and also hard reload your browser, to update cache.


Upgrade done via console from 1.3.5 after disabling xcache, since the upgrade didn't completed because of this:

An exception occurred: xcache_get(): xcache.var_size is either 0 or too small to enable var data caching in Zend/Cache/Backend/Xcache.php on line 95

After disabling xcache:

Current version: 1030570
Upgrade target: 1040070 (1.4.0)

Are you sure you want to upgrade? [y/n] y

Running upgrade to 1.4.0 Alpha, step 1... done.

Running upgrade to 1.4.0 Alpha, step 2... done.

Running upgrade to 1.4.0 Alpha, step 3... done.

Running upgrade to 1.4.0 Alpha, step 4... done.

Running upgrade to 1.4.0 Alpha, step 5... done.
Rebuilding / importing data...

Upgrade completed successfully!

No problems at all.

The new sitemap feature works so good! :D


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hi i cannot seem to find this:

Thread list date limit for performance
Particularly busy or particularly large forums can now set a limit to only display threads that have been updated recently:

This is primarily an option to aid performance. If you have a forum with a large number of threads in it, the standard listing queries will need to look at many of the records to determine if they should be counted. By restricting this to displaying only recent threads by default, fewer records need to be considered.

This option only applies when sorting by the default (last message date). If the sort direction is changed, the limitation will be removed. Further, when a visitor reaches the last page, they will be given the option to display older threads should it be required:

i looked in performance options,
Threads, Discussions and Conversations options,

i cannot seem to find it...