weird permission things


So, the permissions analyzer doesn't seem to reliably tell me which UI elements will show up. I eventually figured out, for instance, that you can't see the moderation queue unless you have full edit and delete privileges. (Which is super annoying to me, because I would really love to have some people who have permission to approve/disapprove posts, but have no other edit/delete abilities.)

On to my actual question: I have made a forum and I can't allow users to delete their posts in it. Permissions analyzer absolutely confirms that they can delete their own posts in the forum. That's what I set. But there's no delete button. Similarly, no edit button. Also they can't reply to threads in this forum.

The forum is set to be default restrictive, and in particular, to revoke "view threads by others". And it's private. But so far as I can tell, people should still be able to edit and delete their own posts, since permissions analyzer says they can. Is there some other non-obvious setting that needs to be present for those buttons/links to appear?

EDIT: I finally spotted that "allow new posts" says "if unset, users will be unable to edit or delete their own posts".

That is a pretty surprising implication, but I guess it is actually stated. Might make sense for the permissions analyzer to include that when analyzing node permissions.
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