XF 2.2 Give edit permission to thread starter, but not repliers?


I have a forum (no commercial) where people can sell wines to each other. I would like the thread starter - the person selling the wines - to be able to edit his initial post, to show what has been sold for example. But I would like people who reply NOT to be able to edit their posts (to maintain a timeline of who replied first if two people want the same wine).

From looking at Node permission it seems the permission to edit a thread by its starter can only be granted if the permission to edit posts is also granted. Does anyone know if there is a way to acheive what I need - thread starter can edit their own OP, people who reply cannot edit their own posts?
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Sorry misunderstood

Maybe this:


Many thanks - from a quick look one of those might well be at least close to the solution I need. Thanks again.
It may all depend on your existing normal edit times otherwise this would need to override the disallow of edit own post for that forum and I’m not sure it can do that, only the edit time.
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