Weird, blinking thing on my Xenforo installation

leslie dow

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My users see this odd blinking thing on the right top side of the page. I've never seen this here on the Xenforo forums so I hesitate to post it here, but will. Please do move this if its not appropriate.

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I only occasionally see it as an admin user but when I use my test users I see this. It does seem to be worse on Chrome and Safari and slightly better on Firefox. Any ideas what this might be?

First guess is the chat refresh happening, I see a chat bar at the bottom of your page. If you disable the chat bar, does it stop?
It indicates there's something loading in the background. This is almost certainly from an add-on or another customization.
that was it! I run Arrowchat and when you turn that off, the blinking thing goes away. Yet another reason not to like Arrowchat.
I will follow up with them. Thanks!!
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It could also be because I do not pay to use their hosted service. I don't recall any complaints until I disabled that and hosted chat locally. Perhaps it's something on my server side. In any event, I have not been impressed with them. I've had several issues that they have not been responsive to--even when I was paying for their hosted service. I've moved our chatrooms to Taigachat and have been looking for an alternative for the tray chat.

Glad its working well for you.
@leslie dow I'm not using their hosted service either, I have always hosted mine locally.

I'd have thought that it could be an issue/conflict with your style, or another add-on. I'd test it in a default style (with the only edit being the Arrowchat code added to PAGE_CONTAINER) with add-ons disabled to see if that stops the issue.


I've just checked your site and in the browser console it's showing a bunch of errors:


That suggests that it's not finding a bunch of stuff. Maybe those files are missing?

You said that you had been using their hosting service, I assume you mean their push service? If so, now you aren't using it, have you disabled it in the Arrowchat admin control panel? Also, were there any other changes that you needed to make to use the push service (that may need to be changed now you're not using it)?
Odd. It's a pretty vanilla installation. I did shut down all the rooms. There were tons of problems with them. Missing messages, messages out of order, rooms appearing and disappearing. So all I have enabled is the tray 1:1 chat. And yes, the push service is disabled. It's been pretty frustrating with them since I have spent hours trying to figure out these and other problems and they just don't respond to customer support. I likely should post this in the Arrowchat thread. The last response from them when I (and several others) noted that posts were just disappearing was essentially a shrug.

thanks for the information
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