Lack of interest WebP support

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That has nothing to do with what I posted. However, it isn't supported on iOS (at all) or FireFox, which has quite a big market share.


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Apparently there's a js shim that can be installed to support it in Firefox. Still doesn't mean it's ready for prime time and wide spread support. Personally, I think it's another Google idea that's not going to go anywhere.

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If you really want something like this just use ngx_pagespeed (or mod_pagespeed) and let it take care of it automatically.

For my site, avatars are served inline in webp format to Chrome and other supported browsers, while others get optimized png/jpegs.


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so there are a few threads about webp here. i am posting this here.

i just accidentally discovered this news:
Firefox and Edge add support for Google's WebP image format | ZDNet

(since then microsoft has announced that next edition of edge would be based on chromium so webp support is still confirmed)

with this only apple safari is left. it still is pretty significant because it is the default browser on ios and macos.

so i guess out of the box support for webp in xenforo might still be too much to ask. but kind of updating this discussion.