XF 1.5 Web moved to new server

Hello guys i moved my xenforo from old server (Apache, PHP: 5.4.45, MySQL) to new one (Nginx, PHP: 5.5.30, MariaDB). After moving I have two problems and we dont know what to do with that. :-(

First one is easy, you can see it on picture:

Second one is problem with conversation. You can write it, you can send it, but if I receive it I don't see it, just Red number on Inbox and that's all...


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Are you sure the files and database have been successfully transferred with no errors or problems?

How did you move the database?
We did this 3x times. DB was moved by console mysql commands and files by tar... I am really going mad... :-D :-D

And, yes no errors, no problems was displayed.