Lack of interest Watermarks on image/video attachments.


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could we get watermarks on attachment images (and videos in the future)?

I have xmg, but I disabled it because my users post their images in the threads and they even include pics in their replies, so the XMG went unused. I even had xmg set as my homepage, but still - my users hovered in the forums.

So for me, I don't get the branding benefit of watermarked images, but would certainly enjoy it.

Tracy Perry

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That should be easy enough to solve now. Just revoke the "Upload attachments to posts" permission for the nodes, then they have to upload it to XMG and use the editor button for Media Gallery Embeds.

User education would be required, as this would not be "normal" behavior, but would work. In fact, I think I may try it out myself.


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It would definitely work, but it kinda ruins the user experience and flow of conversation as there's too much back and forth (if what i just thought of was the same thing you thought of). I wouldn't even want to do that as an admin because then my personal updates take longer.

Ideally it should work like this:

- user is adding a new post or a reply
- user presses add attachment (mine says upload picture).
- uploaded image is stored in xmg and watermark is applied. we completely ignore the attachment manager.
- title/description are optional and image is given generic filename or uses current filename. title/desc can be added if admin has set option for users to require them. for threads, the title/description would look really good as a caption above or below the inserted image. but keep in mind, that should be optional. the more work a user has to do, the less they will interact.
- after upload, user has same option that they do now - insert full image/s or thumbnails/s in the same exact way we do it now.

where does the image go in xmg? easy, it can go in a recent uploads folder that's a collection of all pics/vids used in threads. or, it can go under the users own "my uploads" folder AND still appear in the recent uploads which gives your users a TON of random images to look at for hours at a time

the image doesn't need to be in a category or gallery. it doesn't really need a title or description. they can have one, but they don't "need" them. most social sites like tumblr, facebook, twitter don't waste time on titles and descriptions and their flow of conversation is great.


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maybe my request should be "combine xmg and attachment manager" as there's no need to have two ways to manage media.

if xmg is present, then attachment manager is disabled.