VIDEO ATTACHMENTS: How large is too large"


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Maximum attachment file size 5000 KB (About right for most photos.

Allow video/audio uploads with maximum file size 65000 KB

Use this option to globally enable or disable video/audio uploads. If enabled, you must give specific users/groups the relevant permissions to upload video/audio.

The following additional extensions will be available for upload: m4v, mov, mp4, mp4v, mpeg, mpg, ogv, webm, mp3, ogg, wav.

You should also provide the maximum video/audio file size in kilobytes (KB). Video/audio over this size will be rejected. The configuration of this server limits this value to 65,536 KB. PHP Limit at this time.

I have successfully uploaded a shorter 13.1 Mb video and it looks great in 1080p.

Now, I would like to upload the granddaddy at 525Mb in 1080p HD, or 371Mb in 720p HD, or 187MB in540p.

My camera and editor will do 4K, but that is like extreme.

How large is too large? Any comments?
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