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Awaiting feedback Watching threads after import


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The option:
" Automatically watch threads that you create or when you reply... "

Is disabled to all users after an import from vB 4.2.1 (at least on my board). I had to activate it to everybody manually. The home made importer was used during the entire process.
It does work for new registered users.

P.S if you go over your username and press "Preferences", you would notice an overlay. However, there is no overlay to any other option(s), shouldn't it be consistent?

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The value of this field is imported from the "autosubscribe" field in vB -- the option you refer to specifically relates to new registrations. Can you confirm the value of that field for users that you think should have the watch option enabled?


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The data I'm referring to is in your vB installation/database, but yes you would need to have confirmed that this value wasn't imported based on the vB user option. By running a query on XF to change it for everyone, the imported value would be lost.