Lack of interest Watched threads and Whats New?

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I welcome the new markers on Watched Threads.
On What's New? it is now just a bit easier to pick out threads of interest among the mass of spam (that is, spam relative to a specific user).
There is also some good debate on the Watched icon towards making it any eye, or spectacles, as the star is confusing with RM Ratings using it.

A nice development on this would be to have another marker for genuinely new threads (starters); something that fits with whatever icon is decided on for Watched. It would be very useful for flying visits to just check genuinely new stuff instead of ploughing through the big What's New/ New Threads to find it.

This would develop 4 searches -
1. What's New (ALL) - we already have this as New Threads (which is also confusing for some as it's not really new threads);
2. What's New (Watched)- we already have this as Watched Threads;
3. What's New (Starters) - new addition on this suggestion, genuinely new threads;
4. What's New (Watched) + What's New (Starters) - new addition on this suggestion.
This gives me my selected threads PLUS genuinely new ones, a really powerful search result.

I don't find Watched Threads alone terribly useful as I feel I'm probably missing new material. So I end up mostly ignoring it and trying to cope with the mass of spammy What's New/ New Threads - as usual.

These 4 searches need to be available on a Search navbar tab, with the All Recent Threads, on a dropdown, together with the key searches on the RM, and Conversations. With a mini search box at the bottom (I have this on my board and it works well)
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I go into New Threads and scroll down. It's kind of obvious what threads you've read before and what you haven't. If that doesn't satisfy me I go to forumhome and see what forums have new threads in and go in each one I'm interested in.