Not a bug Watch Thread does not change to Unwatch Thread when replying


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I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature request, but when I post a new reply to a thread for the first time, the status "Watch Thread" does not change to "Unwatch Thread" automatically. I have to reload the page in order to the "Unwatch Thread" link/status to be displayed.

Thank you. :)


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Thanks for your reply, @Brogan.

I see... so if there is a way to "link" that link to the AJAX thing upon replies, might this be a feature request?

Probably not worth the time either way. :notworthy::confused:


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There would need to be a key added to AJAX requests that is checked for on response every time. This is the way the "New Posts" works, as well as new conversations and alerts.


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I take the point, but it's not really something we try to do - it generalizes to "anything on the page should update" (what if someone has liked a post I just read or it's been edited?) which is really beyond the scope of what we try to do.