Lack of interest Warning Point Expiry linked to # of points, not a specific warning?

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This might be more a developer question than a suggestion (depending on the answer).

Having just got my head around the warning system finally, I just noticed that Points Expiry is linked to each Warning, rather than points themselves.

As such if I set up a warning for say 10 points/1 week expiry, if I want to make that warning for 30 points/1 month expiry, it needs to be changed manually. Fine for one user/moderator/single staff, but when multiple staff are involved the all need to remember this for consistency (or the alternative is creating multiple warnings per item with Points + Expiry locked).

Is there a specific reason why Warning Point Expiry is linked to Warnings?

What I'm proposing as an alternative would be the following:
WARNING POINT GROUPS - This would comprise of Warning Points and Warning Points Expiry.
WARNINGS - Fixed and without points or points expiry associated with them. Each warning can be associated with one (or multiple) Warning Point Groups, or points given manually (with expiry from corresponding group).
WARNING ACTIONS - This would function as current to apply a specific period ban to a points threshold.

So you'd have a setup like this:
Warning Group NameWarning PointsWarning Points Expiry
Minor Rule Breach - 10 points​
1 week​
Medium Rule Breach - 25 points​
1 month​
Major Rule Breach - 50 points​
6 month​
Long Term Ban - 100 points​
12 months​
If a moderator then assigned 30 points to a user for a ban, that would be considered a medium rule breach, and automatically those points would expire in 1 month.

As such, regardless of what the warning is, the expiry is always the same.

Currently if I wanted to do this I'd need preset warnings for minor/medium/major rule breaches for each specific rule.
Abuse User - First Instance (10 points)
Abuse User - Second Instance (25 points)
Abuse User - Third Instance (50 points)

Such a system would easily allow for moderators to go "Warning > Abuse User" and then select the severity of the breach (with the points expiry all looked after).

Feel free to tell me "err you've missed the point", "actually you are kinda onto something", or "shhh wait till 2.2 ;)"

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