XF 1.1 Warning Moderators


We wanted to make sure that every member on our site is following every rule, and this involves infracting moderators when necessary. We already created a specific point system for mods and regular users alike, but we can't warn moderators the way we can regular users. In the last month or so, we had to infract two of our moderators and the only way we could do this was by reporting their post and leaving it up for our specified amount of time while giving them the set amount of points and we'd have to keep track of how much points they've accumulated, which would be pending a demotion after receiving 100 points. Although we have only had one isolated incident of having to punish mods, I still want to simplify this because as you can see, this will become a hassle if for any reason it happens again. So my question is this:

Is there any form of coding I can put into the template to allow this function or is it something much simpler than that that I can do?

Liam W

Well-known member
You could probably just edit the code to remove the parts of the warning system to stop it applying to mods, however it would be better as an addon.