Fixed Warn Member: URLs not parsed in Conversation


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I haven't had chance to check this more thoroughly yet.

When warning a user via one of their posts, I opted to start a conversation. The message that I composed included a link to the forum terms of service.

When I viewed the conversation after the warning had been submitted, the link was not active, it only became active when I edited the message, and then saved it.

EDIT: I tested this again, with the same result.
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After clicking Edit, but not actually editing anything, and clicking Save Changes, it shows as a link.

(If you're curious, the user is Test Account. :p)

Chris D

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For the most part it is probably as designed; we don't exactly expose much there in terms of editing options so generally it is expected to just contain text, only, rather than any sort of formatting.

That said, it possibly wouldn't hurt for us to auto link the text there. That would auto convert links to URL bb code. Incidentally, a workaround currently would be to simply wrap the text in [URL][/URL] tags.


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I've added auto linking here. Technically speaking this prevents the case where you intentionally didn't link something, but that's fairly unlikely. You could workaround that by using PLAIN tags.

Liam W

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I've always assumed this was as designed (I've always manually added the URL bbcode).

Thanks for adding the auto linking :)